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Sustainable Development Goal Targeted: Good Health and Well-Being and Zero Hunger

Hidden Hunger aims to address several issues in emerging economies:

Stunted Growth- More than 26% of preschool children in Kenya, 37 % in Nigeria and 33 % in South Africa are stunted, in other words short for their age. This condition represents a chronic form of undernourishment in early life and leads to irrecoverable physical and mental development.

Food security- subsistence farmers focus heavily on crops that are well-known regionally and reliable, in order to have enough income to provide for their family and continue farming into the next season. This cycle of dependence on limited, often nutritionally deficient crops (e.g. Maize) decreases the system’s ability to handle environmental disasters caused by disease and weather conditions.

Economic empowerment- heavy reliance on few limited crops causes economic hardship through fluctuating market prices and having to pay high prices for alternate foods if they are available at all. Diversifying crop production within a community and harnessing market effects to improve agricultural output can improve economic opportunity across communities.

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The February team is the third group to work on the Hidden Hunger project since its conception in December 2018. December and January were able to effectively establish a customer segment and their problem statements. The February team have since been able to move into completing currency testing with Rural Malawian Mothers and start various utility tests in order to discover if the USTAWI application fits the Malawian context. All three summer teams have also worked on establishing and...

by Samantha Orum
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Samantha Orum
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Introduction The Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS (DON) was established in 2004 to recognise problems faced by the people of Malawi associated with nutrition and widespread diseases. One of their main tools they utilise is their nutrition information system which is a data management tool inclusive of all districts to provide near real time information on nutrition interventions to stunting reduction. The main goal of this is to provide aid on a widespread scale. The Hidden Hunger...

by Alex Agostinelli
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Alex Agostinelli
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  Introduction The report that has been created for Western Sydney University (WSU), and written by the Hidden Hunger team. It contains the results of the customer segment and business development experiments that were conducted during the summer. WSU supplied Project Everest with an nutrition application; with which our customers conduct a survey of what they have eaten in the past 24 hours, then the Hidden Hunger team uses the results to generate a nutrition report. The update report...

by Liam Button
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Liam Button