Health Consulting


Sustainable Development Goal Targeted: Good health and well-being

Health Consulting aims to address several issues in emerging economies:

Saving lives- not accessing medical facilities within correct timeframes due to lack of knowledge or lack of access can result in accelerated ill health resulting in debilitating illness or death. This is particularly prevalent in the case of TB where limited medical resources can compound a problem.

Greater health for all- medical facilities in developing countries can be stretched thin because of large numbers of patients and very limited resources. Medical data shows that a lot of patients do not need specialist medical care at the time they present, improving this enables greater health care for those who do need it.

Increased safety and well-being- travelling to a medical facility in a developing country is both risky and difficult. Particularly for females it leaves children without a provider or risks their safety if they travel with. There is also cultural challenges to accessing health care. Overcoming these challenges should only be considered when the medical situation warrants it.

Burden of cost- access to health services for rural communities costs money in the form of transport and loss of opportunity cost in productive work. When health services are located at a distance a full day or several may be lost disconnecting family members.


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Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being



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Clinicians The unique value proposition for head clinicians is to improve quality of consultation time with patients; whether this be increasing the length of consultation or allow for more pertinent interactions with patients. The triage system achieves this through providing clinicians with information regarding patients’ symptoms prior to consultation as well as ordering patients in terms of priority. Consequently, clinicians will be able to utilise their consultation time more...

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Isaac Crawford

USSD TRIAGE SYSTEM At present, the proposed solution for the Health Project is a USSD based triage system. The solution will take on a USSD format to allow for maximum usage - as it will be available to anyone who has access to a feature phone. At its most basic level, the program will allow patients to input their symptoms into the system upon arrival at the clinic. This will mean that clinicians will already have an idea of their patient’s condition before consultation and will not need...

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Isaac Crawford

The Health teams stakeholders are categorised into three main groups; the research team, the District Health Office (DHO), and Clinicians. Research Team   The research team is comprised of five main individuals. The first key member of the team is Dr Mulinda Nyirenda, the Senior Physician in collaboration with Project Everest. She works for the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre, Malawi. The research study requires a senior physician to assist, and Mulinda has been...

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Project Summary

The February Health team executed the following core objectives: Revision of research protocols Refactoring of the USSD functionality Performing offer testing for clinicians Performing currency testing for clinicians Investigating the DHO as a customer segment More details on these core objectives and the other tasks completed throughout the month can be found in the handover document . 1. Revision of Research Protocols Revising the research protocols...

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