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Bridging the gap between small to medium businesses in developing countries and loan providers.
Vision: Thriving business ecosystem accessible to all.

Business owners struggle to understand the information required by loan providers to be approved for a loan. As a result, they often have significant delays in getting their loans approved, or receiving rejection, due to the documentation needed.
On the flipside, lenders and financial institutions find it difficult to risk profile their customers, as many of them don’t have the financial reporting and accounting information necessary to justify taking the risk of working with them.
PEV aims to improve access to capital for small to medium businesses and consumers seeking to get loans.

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Project Summary

In July 2019, SoCon 1 and 2 broke new ground by doing extensive work on validating the problem and customer segment on the Financial Institutions (FIs) side as well as the Individual Small Business Owners side. This was then followed by offer testing the UVP of SoCon as a future solution and also prototyping a minimum viable product (MVP).    SoCon 1, was focused on empathising with individuals, more specifically empathising with small and medium enterprise owners (SMEs). The team in...

by Behshid Golshani
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Behshid Golshani
Key Partners

Aim  This post will outline the key partners we’ve worked with to assist our research and help develop our MVP. On the customer side, our primary partners are villages with microenterprises. Specifically, this includes our case study villages Biasevu, Vatukarasa and Naroro. It also includes various financial institutions located around Fiji. The post will include a short description of the partner, geographical location, a description of the relationship of the partnership and the...

by Stacey Thetephakeaykeaw
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Stacey Thetephakeaykeaw
Work Update

Work Update After validating our problem and customer segment, that Native Fijians living within inland villages and working within the industries of tourism and agriculture highlight emotions of helplessness, frustration and demotivation when dealing with issues of financial management we worked in collaboration with the SoCon II in order to develop and MVP to propose to consumers and financial institutions, as our first step towards the UVP and Solution stages of the lean canvas....

by Nikki Theodorakis
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Nikki Theodorakis