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Bridging the gap between small to medium businesses in developing countries and loan providers.
Vision: Thriving business ecosystem accessible to all.

Business owners struggle to understand the information required by loan providers to be approved for a loan. As a result, they often have significant delays in getting their loans approved, or receiving rejection, due to the documentation needed.
On the flipside, lenders and financial institutions find it difficult to risk profile their customers, as many of them don’t have the financial reporting and accounting information necessary to justify taking the risk of working with them.
PEV aims to improve access to capital for small to medium businesses and consumers seeking to get loans.

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Lean Phase: Solution Assumption: FIs have particular features that they require in the financial documentation they acquire from customers.  Time box: 1 week Success Metric:   % of FI’s that give features which inform an MVP based on improving customers financial management and documentation.   Goal: Speak to 8 FI’s  Criteria:  Success point:  50% of FI’s provide features that inform an MVP based on improving customers financial management and documentation.  Green light:...

by Sophie Richardson
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Sophie Richardson

Lean Phase : Problem Link to original experiment: Original Assumption:  Micro-enterprises in Fiji identify a lack of access to financial management and budgeting resources in enabling their businesses to grow, diversify, or run as they please. RESULTS Results Spreadsheet: Key Data Statistics:...

by Nikki Theodorakis
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Nikki Theodorakis