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The rocket stove aims to address multiple issues across health, quality of life and environmental sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability – Deforestation is an issue across the globe and residential use of wood for cooking is a large contributor to the cutting down of trees in developing countries. Removal of trees reduces the Earth’s capacity to process the carbon dioxide released from human activity. Additionally, this “stored” carbon is then released when combusted. Carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide is released in the burning of wood – when inefficient combustion occurs, black carbon is emitted. Black carbon is one of the top contributors to global warming.

Health – Respiratory issues associated with cooking are estimated to result in over 4.3 million deaths per year. Current methods of burning fuels for cooking are inefficient, cause a lot of smoke and production of harmful gases.

Quality of life – The smoke from inefficient combustion also results in significant discomfort during cooking, causing itchy eyes, coughing and carbon (soot) on the walls and roof.

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Adopted Experiment

Aim  This experiment aims to validate the Buka stove as a scalable product and to demonstrate the effectiveness of Buka agents as an autonomous distribution channel. Definitions Buka agents = Sales agents who promote and distribute the Buka stoves (on PEV’s behalf)  PEV = Project Everest Ventures  EOIs = Expressions of interest  Qualified leads = For the purpose of this experiment, qualified leads will be defined as the number of deposits collected to secure the...

by Nikhita Sahay
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Nikhita Sahay
Experiment Results

Experiment design post: The Proposed Experiment for the Sales Agent Channel can be found at this link   Lean Phase:  Distribution Channels Assumptions:  An autonomous sales system that involves sales agents collecting and submitting quality leads to an in-country distributor will result in sales of the Buka 4.0.   Results: Orange Light   The January experiment obtained lower conversion rates from the December team due to attempting to optimise risk-reward ratios....

by Nikhita Sahay
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Nikhita Sahay