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Solar Consulting (Moyo Energy) - Malawi


Electrifying Malawi through affordable solar home systems
Vision: Transform access to energy in Africa

Without lighting or power, you are unable to do simple things such as read at night or charge a phone. However, this is the reality for ~90% of Malawians who do not have access to electricity - this is one of the lowest rates of electrification in the world.
Even for those who are connected to the grid, power outages are a regular occurrence, making it an unreliable source of power. Philip, a local, sums up the situation: “Electricity in Malawi isn’t reliable. I would struggle to even cook sometimes because I have no light to prepare my meals. I would end up losing motivation and skip dinner that night”.
PE Ventures has assessed the supply, quality and cost of energy sources in Malawi, and is providing clean, safe affordable energy alternative in the form of solar power.

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Lean Phase:  Supply Chain, Distribution Channels   Assumption: Teachers are a respected and influential figure in most Malawian communities, they have regular access to our customer segment (families) and due to their standing in the community they are less of a risk for P.E.V as they are more reliable. For these reasons they can be a successful and viable agent for solar.    Time Box: 1 month   Success Metric:  Number of sales per teacher agent Criteria: Green Light:...

Cameron Fields
by Cameron Fields
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Cameron Fields
Proposed Experiment
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  Lean phase: Channels   Background information Airtel vendors have a deeper knowledge of the community and are consistently in the same location, therefore community members know where they can find solar products. They are also better equipped to digitise payments and submit documents online. Their shop fronts offer a secure location to stock inventory. Acting as an agent for PEV would also not detract from their day to day activities.    Assumption Airtel vendors can be a...

Mariah Cassar
by Mariah Cassar
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Mariah Cassar
Project Summary

The project had experienced some troubles without a PEV presence in country during March through to May. Although all systems from that time period have been salvaged or noted, the project took a great loss due to this. Through people not making their payments, and customers not receiving feedback from PEV for months left users unhappy and the project losing money. Enlisting someone to run the project during off months, preferably in-country, as a means to maintain the business is needed for...

by Andrew Vild (Admin)
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Andrew Vild
Andrew Vild (Admin)

The solar consulting team has multiple channels of getting the product to our customer segment. Some are temporary and non-scalable and others still need to be validated by experiment.  Chief-Agents → Reduces team admin and increases scaling of business.  This is a new distribution channel currently in experimental stage showing huge potential. The 2019 June team has found that by using the chief as an agent we solve many problems that past teams have faced. We reduce the risk of...

Joshua Geller
by Joshua Geller
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Joshua Geller

Malawi has one of the lowest electricity connection rates in the world, with 89% (16.5 million) of the country not connected to the national electrical grid (ESCOM) and decreases further into rural areas, with only 1% of rural areas being connected to the grid (as of 2018, reference 1). For the minority who are connected, experience regular blackouts, as ESCOM’s energy supply of 439MW is unable to meet the demands of the population. This forces the population to look to other, inadequate...

by Aodhán
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