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Changes to Basecamp (Summary included)

Posted by Wade Tink (Admin) Jul 1, 2018

- Idea point values will be reduced by 2/3 and extra points assigned to labels provided by moderators
- Labels and high point values are assigned to business model components
- Labels and high point values are assigned to experiments
- Labels and high point values are assigned to proposed projects and proposed operational improvements
- Labels and low point values are assigned to work updates and the lowest to banter
- Posts may be removed/sent back to those who posted for fixing/improvement
- All points will be reset to zero
- More moderators have been added to the system

Basecamp has evolved at PEV since it was implemented over 12 months ago. It’s purpose is to provide a transparent repository for project information and to, in time, harness the PEV community and external collaborators to achieve the companies purpose.

To enable this we have developed the next round of changes in how Basecamp is to be utilised:

1. Idea point values: upon posting an idea on basecamp a user will be immediately given 5 points versus the current 15. Once a moderator has assigned a status label the post will be given additional points in line with it’s value.

2. Project Repository: to provide information about projects so that community members can immediately get an in-depth understanding of the proposed business model and current activities.

To support this: moderators will assign the following post status in line with the lean canvas and the BMC: customer segment, problem, revenue stream, cost structure, customer relationships, channels, value proposition, Solution, key metrics, unfair advantage, key partners, key activities, key resources. These status labels are coloured black and it is envisaged that there will be one of each label for each project. As an improved post is created for that label it will replace the existing.

These types of labels are valued at 15 points each.

3. Outline experimentation (proposed/adopted/results): experimentation is a key component of Lean and PEV methodology. Quality posts shall outline what is to be learned from conducting the experiment and what assumption in the business model is to be validated. It will then describe how the learning is to be measured and finally how the experiment is to be built to enable the measurement and learning.

Moderators will assign the following status labels: proposed experiment, experiment adopted, experiment results.

4. Proposed projects and operational improvements: we value the input of the community to proposed projects and these ideas are reviewed and then put forward to R&D and Commercialisation. Should they be adopted they earn significant point values. In the same manner improvements to operations are valued and receive high point loadings. For an example of a quality “proposed operational improvement” post see:

5. Work updates: are valued significantly less than core validated learning through the prescribed methodology. Work updates include ‘weekly updates’ and ‘goals for the month’. By comparison they are assigned approx 12% of the value of posts on validated learning. They are also likely to be moved by moderators to knowledge hub or removed if they do not add value.

Posts with community value but little project value may have the ‘Banter’ label applied with the lowest number of points and may be removed or placed in knowledge hub.

6. Removal/editing of posts: moderators have the ability to edit posts or remove them entirely for which they may request that the post be re-constructed in a different format or for a specific purpose. User’s can then re-post post changes or check with the moderator before reposting.

7. Points reset: in line with the changes and the commencement of a new focus of Basecamp. This is to occur at the start of July projects.

8. Increased moderators: each SL for July, core staff and those involved in R&D/Commercialisation are moderators which has increased the overall number of moderators 4 fold. This is to increase response in the system.


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Comments (6)

Wade Tink says... Jul 6, 2018

Further to the recent changes we have altered the point system to reward good posts, good discussion and to discourage meaningless point collection through idea subscription, following other users and unnecessary up-votes. 

The weighting of meaningful comments against posts and the value attributed to up-votes has also been changed. Comments that do not add value may also be deleted. 

A 'fair play' understanding is expected of the community and to reinforce it should members be asking those around them to up-vote their ideas unnecessarily, make worthless comments or consistently make irrelevant posts then after 3 strikes (a warning for each one will be given) then all your points will be removed.

The Golden rule of the Basecamp platform...."no tears!" Or it's lame cousin "no tears, only ideas!"

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