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Serendipity in Cambodia

Posted by Ryan White Jul 11, 2017

Ineffable (adj), too great to be expressed in words. A somewhat contradicting word (cheers BuzzFeed) but wow it describes Cambodia and the current month.

Where to even begin, with just so many standout events of the week. On Sunday night, the leadership group ate at a Crocodile Dundee esque restaurant where we debriefed regarding the week and just how fantastic it was while smashing a chicken shnitty, listening to an old man in a pink sequins shirt playing his guitar and staring longingly at the owner's adorable doggo who definitely wanted a pat. As we were walking out of the restaurant I took a step back and just observed us all walking to the car. The energy, banter and family vibes were astounding and reminded me what it is that makes these projects so incredibly amazing in my eyes. It’s the people. The people who embrace the hot, 4 pm monsoonal rains and exhausting days through their own blood, sweat and tears. The people who have come from around Australia to be here creating an impact when they could be at Splendour in the Grass. The people that share the same passion for their projects and development for themselves. It’s these people that make it impossible to ever stop smiling.

Naturally, there is a huge focus on the progression of projects and ensuring their success into creating positive impact. But the main driver for why I’m here is the people. And sweet Agatha Christie have I been blown away by them. There is no greater feeling than watching a room of people who have never really met each other, each with their own but very similar passions sit in a room and instantaneously become a family. Ahhhh, love love love.

The strength and passion of these fresh trekkers is astounding. You can hear it in their voice and see it in their actions that they want to be here to create impact in their projects and will kick down any doors to do so. Whenever I enter either house the energy that’s emitted from everyone is contagious. It drives me day in and day out to be the best Group Leader I can be for them, to give them the best possible experience they can have. Because at the end of the day that’s what they are giving me.

The reason why I have touched so heavily on this topic rather than all the massive project success we have had this week (and trust me there was a lot) is that often we can get trapped in our own heads. We can focus too much on the task we have set to achieve and not the people around us that are working with us to achieve that task.

We are all part of a new generation that gives us endless opportunities. There are emerging technologies that will change the way life is operated day to day, whether it be through stalking your friends on Snapchat to see which pub on Pub Street they are at or driving in a car run solely on electricity. Regardless of all these amazing uses of technology, it’s the application in a developing nation and the desire for these trekkers to dedicate their time and money to it that restores my faith in humanity. I want to give a big thank you to all those operating in the other countries, to those who are back home working in this field and most importantly to my squad. You all inspire me day in day out and serve as a constant reminder why this is the best job in the world.

So stay tuned, grab a puppy and watch us put some keys on key rings.   

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Jessica Stephanie Arvela says... Jul 12, 2017

I love that you love the people, I am so on board with this. <3

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