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Posted by William Ashford Dec 22, 2016

Welcome to be the Project Everest Base Camp!

As Project Everest's head of Research and Development, I'm incredibly excited to be welcoming Trekkers, Team Leaders, Group Leaders, alumni and staff to what will hopefully be a platform where we can discuss, collaborate and further develop the Project Everest projects into thriving, scalable and, most importantly, socially beneficial ventures.

In this inaugural post, I'll attempt to outline the vision behind this platform, the manner in which I see Project Everest Trekkers, Team Leaders, Group Leaders, alumni and staff interacting with and contributing to this platform, and I'll also provide some commentary regarding the current state of the platform.

For some time, Project Everest has had issues with the exchange of information between teams and alumni who have worked on our projects. We've relied on static handover documents, which up until recently, have lacked a consistent structure.

This has decreased productivity on projects, left some teams "in the dark" for days at a time, and has meant that teams have had to wade through the Project Everest Research and Development GoogleDrive in order to find the appropriate handover documents. 

There have also been barriers to alumni contributing to the continued development of ventures in that, if teams sought out the advice of past Trekkers and Team Leaders, the only means of communiation available were cumbersome and weren't intended to scale.

In sum: we've been using a sub par solution.

With the Project Everest Base Camp, powered by Crowdicity, we now have a virtual work space to collaborate and build some incredible social enterprises. Alumni will especially be encouraged to provide commentary on new ideas posted by Trekkers throughout the course of their time in-country so ventures can benefit from their experience. 

Each prospective venture will be allocated a page within the "Challenges" space on the platform. To be clear, general assessment projects won't be found in here. The "Challenges" space is only for projects that have passed the "Define" stage of the Design Thinking process. Findings from "Empathise" and "Define" stage field assessments will, on the other hand, be found in the "Blog" section as a short, two-page report. 

Teams looking for advice on a given topic should head to the relevant Q&A section under "Challenges". This should provide an effective medium for different questions pertaining to specific areas to be asked and answered.

By exploring the platform, you'll all be able to see ways in which you can interact with challenges, submit new ideas, and collaborate on the development of what will hopefully immensley successful social businesses. 

Currently there are some last minute updates being made throughout the platform by Team Leaders, Group Leaders and myself. These include venture descriptions, handover reports, and blogs written for handover reports.

In the meantime, I'd ask that you follow the intent outlined in this blog post when interacting and contributing to the platform so that we're all on the same page and can get started on making the most of this platform. 

Thanks for your continued dedication to Project Everest, our ventures and most importantly, our mission to solve the world's most pressing problems with the power of enterprise. 

All the best, 


Will Ashford.

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Jessica Stephanie Arvela says... Jan 3, 2017

Exciting times, thanks Will, keen to see progress with the January 2017 teams. 

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